All Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Cookies mixed with Chocolate Chips $5.00
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cups Chocolate cookie with a maraschino cherry on top and covered in chocolate glaze $5.00
Coconut Drop Cookies Coconut and Oatmeal in a Cookie $5.00
Coconut Orange Tassies Coconut and orange flavoring in a tassie cup $5.00
Date Nuggets Dates and Nuts $5.00
Mexican Wedding Cookie Pecan Butter Cookie rolled in powdered sugar $5.00
Mint Chocolate Cookies Chocolate cookies flavored with mint and rolled in powdered sugar $5.00
Nut Horns Walnuts rolled in dough $5.00
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Oatmeal and Raisins $5.00
Peanut Butter Balls Peanut Butter rolled in Chocolate $5.00
Peanut Butter Cup Cookies Peanut butter cup in a peanut butter cookie cup $5.00
Pizzelle Vanilla flavored cookies $5.00
Pumpkin Cookies Pumpkin spice cookie with pecans and icing.
**Only when pumpkin is available**
Salted Peanut Cookies Salted Peanuts and Chocolate Chips $5.00
Vanilla Chip Cherry Cookies White Chocolate Chips and Maraschino Cherries $5.00
Cake Pops & Cake Balls Balls of cake dipped in chocolate. $6.00
Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies Peanut Butter Cookie dipped halfway in Chocolate and Peanuts $6.00
Cookie Dough Balls Chocolate chip cookie dough dipped in chocolate $6.00
Double Chip Tassies Peanut Butter Chips and Chocolate Chips in a Tassie Cup $6.00
Golden Nuggets Apricot and Almonds rolled in Coconut $6.00
Marbled Cups Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese and Mini Chocolate Chip Filling $6.00
Peanut Butter Coconut Balls Peanut Butter rolled in Coconut $6.00
Pecan Tassies Mini pecan pies $6.00
Sugar Cookies Many cutout designs available $6.00
Raisin Filled Cookies Cookies with Raisins in the center $7.00
Skillet Cookies Dates and Nuts rolled in Coconut $7.00